Tumor Board


Tumor Board

A tumour board is a meeting of speciality consultants, treating physicians and other healthcare professionals involved in the treatment of a challenging case. They review unusual or complex cancer cases and decide on the treatment modalities to come up with the best possible line of treatment ahead.

Pertaining to the multidisciplinary treatment approach cancer demands, it is of crucial importance that the patient undergoing treatment gets a holistic approach in treatment where doctors of various disciplines have to discuss the treatment process during the different cancer stages. Every cancer patient being different from another, the aim of a tumour board is to discuss the patient’s case among various disciplines and come up with a better strategy and treatment plan.

The board consists of oncology specialists such as a surgical oncologist, Medical Oncologist, Radiation Therapist, Radiologist, Pathologist, Pain and Palliative Oncologist, etc. Our tumor board specialists meet on a regular basis to review each and every cancer case.

The purpose is to approve in consensus with all specialists the quality of care and to ensure that the cancer patient has access to the best and current treatment in cancer management. During our meetings, we diligently review all the patient images, pathology reports, etc and discuss the treatment plan and diagnosis.

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